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New Sponsorship Announcement: BWA Studios

ASIFA-South is excited to welcome our new sponsor and partner, BWA Studios (Black Women Animate).

BWA Studios is an animation house that creates and produces programming and content for all platforms. As a Black female-owned studio, we build equity in the animation industry by consciously hiring Black women, women of color, and nonbinary people of color.

With this new sponsorship, ASIFA-South assisted in outreach talent search and facilitating talent through our animators' directory to help BWA search for an unannounced animation project. With a mission very in line with ours to promote diverse talents that reflect stories being told and expand and encourage inclusion.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the studio. Shout out to the incredible leadership team CEO Taylor Shaw, Founding Manager JLove Calderon, and our very own board of directors and head of studio at BWA, Fatimah Abdullah.

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