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What are the Benefits of joining ASIFA-SOUTH?

Free cookies! …not really, but would you like some? As a member of ASIFA-South, you get exclusive access to our monthly newsletter with our upcoming activities and events along with news on other related animation events around town. Also, members get waived the submission fee for our annual ASIFA-South RYO Animation Festival frequently attended by professionals in the animation industry as well as free admission to the screening and exclusive access to our online panels hosting a rotation of amazing artists from all over the world. Along with free admission and discounts to animation related screenings and panels at the annual Atlanta Film Festival, members also get discounts with our partners, such as My Animation Life Recruiting and Staffing Agency events and 10% off snacks and drink purchases at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. We also add you into our private members facebook group where you can still get updates on what is going on in realtime! Your support will also go towards subsidizing operations cost for the organization, fees for ASIFA International, and help us churn out more activities for the community!

How Do I Join?

Visit our Membership page, fill in the form, and submit your membership fee. We would love to have you join us! Please also confirm in the membership form if the email address you are paying with is the one you want to receive the newsletter at and check that we are not thrown into your SPAM folder!

If you're interested in volunteering at our activities, visit our Volunteer page and fill in the form.

You can also become a sponsor. Go to our Sponsor page to look at our sponsorship benefits. Contact our business department at 770.241.7464 or to let us know which sponsorship tier you want to join.

Does the membership extend to other ASIFA Chapters?

While currently the benefits of our membership is limited to only our chapter, we are working to get inclusive benefits with the other chapters all over the world so that our traveling animators may be able to attend ASIFA hosted events all over the world. If you are traveling though, please do hit us up so we can see if we can get you in touch with chapters in that location or let you know if a chapter exists so we can hook you up with the cool animation/ artist community there!

Is the organization meant for kids?

While our organization does a lot of workshops and activities that are geared towards benefiting kids, we are advocates of promoting artists/ animators of all ages. Most of our members are currently high school students to industry professionals in support of the industry. We encourage parents to join for memberships on behalf of their kids and look out for activities that their kids may join in!

I am not an artist. Can I still join ASIFA-SOUTH?

Of course! We welcome art enthusiast and aim to be as inclusive as possible! That also includes if you are a Voice Over actor/ actress, Fine Artists, Writers or just love art and animation!

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