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ASIFA-South is the Southeastern US Chapter of ASIFA International, the international animation network - headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The goal of ASIFA-South is to foster and unite the animation community locally and globally to promote artists and the art of animation. We aim to better the industry through communication and collaboration.

guidestar gold transparency 2021
ASIFA-South Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency 2021



At the heart of ASIFA-South, we care about making the world a better place through animation and being a professionally recognized organization for creatives in the animation field. We are focused especially on being a driving force in the development of a sustainable creative industry in the Southeastern United States.


We support the next generation of artists and interest in animation through the promotion of STEAM education with year-round free and low-cost workshops for schools, libraries, and more. We also showcase and partner with relevant organizations to promote affordable animation alternatives and open-source programs to increase accessibility at all levels.


We believe that empathy makes us better animators. We focus on fostering a supportive open-minded community based on inclusion where diverse voices can be respected to encourage the growth of well-rounded caring professionals that are forward-thinking.


ASIFA-South actively collaborates and partners with organizations locally and globally to advocate for sustainable practices. We serve as the animation voice to represent the entertainment industry in conversations that affect us.





Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong – President (Producer, Trioscope Studio/ SIGGRAPH Strategy Advisor)

Justice Obiaya (Treasurer) Atlanta Film Society, Community Relations Director)

Jeffrey Yu – Secretary

(Slothique LLCExecutive Producer)


Lisa Ferrell (Georgia State University Creative Media Industry Institute, Producer)

Jeremy Seymour

(MINNO, Creative Chief Officer )

Jason Shwartz (Bento Box Entertainment, Director)

Allyssa Lewis

(Netflix, Recruiter)

Matthew Maloney (Savannah College of Art and Design, Associate Chair of Animation/ Co-owner Black Rainbow Media)

Christina Maloney (Savannah College of Art and Design, Professor of Motion Media/ Co-owner Black Rainbow Media)

Fatimah Abdullah (9 Story Media Group, Series Producer)

Ashley Kohler

(Awesome Inc, Executive Producer)

Jenna Zona (Floyd County Productions, Animation Director)

LC Crowley

(Trioscope Studio, Executive Producer)



Linda Simensky


Stephen Mank


Noeve Warren


Madeline Fan


Sarah Fay Krom


Lou Hertz


Joe Peery


Brett W. Thompson

  • How do I Join?
    We would love to have you join us! Click on SUPPORT in the menu and check out our membership tiers. Please also confirm in the membership form if the email address you are paying with is the one you want to receive the newsletter at and check that we are not thrown into your SPAM folder!
  • Does the membership extend to other ASIFA Chapters?
    While currently the benefits of our standard membership is limited to only our chapter, we are working to get inclusive benefits with the other chapters all over the world so that our traveling animators may be able to attend ASIFA hosted events all over the world. If you are traveling though, please do hit us up so we can see if we can get you in touch with chapters in that location or let you know if a chapter exists so we can hook you up with the cool animation/ artist community there! International membership includes the annual ASIFA International magazine. You may want to check your local chapter offering and membership to make sure you benefit from what makes sense to you. Chapter memberships are not transferrable.
  • What are the benefits of joining ASIFA-SOUTH?
    Free cookies! …not really, but would you like some? As a member of ASIFA-South, you get exclusive access to our monthly newsletter with our upcoming activities and events along with news on other related animation events around town. Also, members get waived submission fee for our annual ASIFAC Animation Festival attended by professionals in the animation industry as well as free admission for the screening and exclusive access to our online panels hosting guests from BARDEL, BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT and a rotation of amazing artist from all over the world. Along with free admission and discounts to animation related screening and panel at the annual Atlanta Film Festival, members also get discounts. Your vote will also count towards events and topic discussions that you want to know more about! Your support will also go towards subsidizing operations cost for the organization, fees for ASIFA International, and help us churn out more activities for the community!
  • I am not an artist. Can I still join ASIFA-SOUTH?
    Of course! We welcome art enthusiast and aim to be as inclusive as possible! That also includes if you are a Voice Over actor/ actress, Fine Artists, Writers or just love art and animation!
  • How do I volunteer with ASIFA-South?
    We welcome all levels of volunteers whether it's for a one-off task or event, as a liaison that wants to periodically help us, or applying to become a year-round committee member. ASIFA-South is build up of volunteers and we would not be able to host events, do workshops, and other endeavors without our amazing volunteers. Check our how to volunteer with us
  • Is the organization meant for kids?
    While our organization does a lot of workshops and activities that are geared towards benefiting kids, we are advocates of promoting artists/ animators of all ages. Most of our members are currently high school students to industry professionals in support of the industry. We encourage parents to join for memberships on behalf of their kids and look out for activities that their kids may join in!
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