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ASIFA-South Onboarding

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Get to know ASIFA-South as an organization, its mission, vision, and programs. Your total training time is 30 days. You will gain 40 volunteer hours for this training, Please make sure to check with our onboarding coordinator that this is added to your monthly hour tracking. There are four parts to this training. You will have a week to complete each part. In the first part, you will learn about ASIFA-South's internal structure. In the second part, you will learn about your role and expectations. In the third week, you will learn about your department-specific process. In the last week, you will be given tasks to help you practice what you have learned, receive access needed for your role, be invited to the committee meeting, schedule a meeting with the directors, and be fully onboarded. Once you complete each part, the next part will be sent to you the following week. This is to help you digest the content. You do not need to be fully onboarded to start your volunteer tasks as long as you are in contact with your department director to receive instructions from them during the training. If you have trouble completing the training, please email for help

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