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Animation Workforce

Do you work in the animation field? Are you an artist, voice-over artist, producer, production assistant animator, or working or interested in pursuing a career in the animation field in Atlanta or the South? Get listed publicly to bolster your profile or opt for our closed directory that helps us connect you with clients and different animation studios that are looking for animation talent!


Are you an animation/media studio?

Email us to inquire about our animation talent in the South if you are looking for specific talent. ASIFA-South’s directory of animators helps all of us keep up with the ever-growing list of animators in Georgia and their skills. The filling of this form authorizes the sharing of information from us to selected qualified studios in a closed directory format.

*This directory is open for creatives outside of Georgia or Southeastern US as well but we have some questions that are geared towards our southern community to help folks locate and build our local talent. 

We will begin sharing public listing of talent and studios that fill out the animators' directory and allow for us to share their profile publicly soon. Check back on this space in November.  

Watch this spot for any job postings we might have. In the meantime, feel free to follow our twitter for other animation related job retweets or check out the database with tons of postings we've curated for you below or check out our animation studio map on the bottom of our resource page to explore studios in Georgia. Think we missed a resource? Please fill in this form to help us add to our database here!

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