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International Animation Day was first celebrated on Oct 28th, 2002 in honor of Emile Reynaud’s first performance of Theatre Optique. With the ASIFA-International Animation trade program, participating ASIFA chapters from over 50 chapters worldwide celebrate and coordinate a trade program where each country and location sends out their local animation and receive international animation to curate into screening events simultaneously around the world.

ASIFA-South has constantly participated in the International Animation Day trade program and public screening sending out homegrown animation from our RYO programs worldwide that has been sent off to screen in Australia, Central US, China, Korea, Israel, Poland and more. Our curated choices are carefully selected to be varied in all types of techniques from 2D, 3D, stopmotion, to fusion and address different topics from the lighthearted and controversial. With our goal of diversity in mind, we aim to select animation that not only visually thrill but can be thought provoking. Our program is usually two-part in which the first half before intermission is children friendly. Our screening of International Animation Day is always free and open to the public.

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