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Upcoming Workshop

Stop Motion Workshop w/ ASIFA

Education  Class/Workshop

Monday, July 1, 2019
1:30 PM-5:00 PM

Milton Branch Library 
855 Mayfield Road
Alpharetta, GA 30009
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Create your own paper puppet and bring it to life through the magic of animation! See the principles and physics behind your favorite cartoons in action, and photograph your character frame-by-frame to create action-packed snippets of animated gold. RSVP is required. Ages 8 and up

Suggested Audiences: Elementary, Middle School
Phone: 404-613-4402

Animation for all ages

With the help of our community partners, ASIFA-South’s animation education program brings workshops to classrooms and community organizations across the entire south. Our programs can be built for all ages. We are focused on enhancing STEAM education (Science/Technology/Education/Math+Art/Design) within the community and spark a revolution of artist entrepreneurs equipped with business savvy knowledge.

Get involved

Ready to schedule an activity near you? We’ll work together to create a unique workshop that highlights participant interests and curricular themes. If you are interested in scheduling an animation workshop for your school/library/ organization, please fill in our request form here.




Welcome animators, designers, writers and technicians! If you have time to assist animating or editing short films created during our workshops, click on the link below to get started!



New Mavericks Children’s Animation Workshop (August, 22, 2015 at Synchronicity Theater)
Children ages 6-12 learn basic animation pipeline and how to animate the story of Jack and Jill with a downshoot camera rig and Dragonframe animation software.
Children’s Animation Workshop at Chattahoochee Hills Charter with Atlanta Film Festival and My Animation Life LLC

An Ani-jam style with 90 kids in 3rd grade of Chattahoochee Hills Charter School  followed by a screening of the Atlanta Film Festival Saturday Morning Cartoons block.

Oakcliff Elementary School
While working the 4th Grade students to help them produce Stop Motion shorts and learn the fundamentals of animation, language of film, create scripts and complimentary storyboards. Students worked together to produce unique and entertaining content to be shown at the school.

NEXT KID'S WORKSHOP: Milton Branch Library, Alpharetta 1:30-5PM