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Our main mission as a 501c3 non-profit at ASIFA-SOUTH is to uplift the arts and education in the animation field in the South and empower artists. Our focus is to be a community for seasoned and early career/ young professionals in the animation field alike and to promote the art of animation making it more accessible to the public by serving as a community-based group that cultivates animators and artists whether students, professionals, or fans.


ASIFA-SOUTH is on a journey to become a prime professionally recognized organization for creatives in the animation field, specifically US-South internationally and be a driving force in the development of a sustainable creative industry.

Introduction Video Transcript

What is Asifa-South?

Hi, I’m Ginger.
I’m the executive director of the Asifa South
Asifa-South is actually a chapter of ASIFA International which is the International Animation Society and ours is specifically for the South of the US and specifically headquartered in Atlanta.

So the mission of ASIFA-SOUTH itself is
anchored on four main points.
Number one is in the encouragement of Stem education in Atlanta and also in the South and the second is also exposure for artists.

That’s what we do with our animation festival and all the different screenings and then the third mission is also to create diversity, not in terms of just a buzzword but also to include inclusion which means that we’re trying to draw in more people to our organizations that are of different backgrounds so that we can have more inputs and ideas of how the industry is and the last and most important mission is to foster entrepreneurship in the industry
for the industry to actually become a better place.


We aim to put the spotlight on our artist and animators locally and globally. Our signature event, the ASIFAC Animation Festival, runs annually. Our jury panel includes head of studios,  producers, lead/ directors from Floyd County, Bento Box Entertainment, Awesome Inc, Dreamworks TV, Adultswim, PrimalScreen and more. We also run panels with experts from local and international studios with talks on AR, VR animation techniques, cutting edge and innovation in Animation, and more. We also actively participated in the annual ASIFA International Animation Day where we exchange animations with our participating ASIFA partners from over 50 chapters all over the world including Australia, Portland, Austria, Thailand and more. We also aim to help animators be able to connect with animators from other chapters no matter where they might decide they want to move to next with our international liaisons. Focused on putting the spotlight on artists and animations in Atlanta exposure, in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival, there is a big emphasis on public screening of films made by locals along with current plans to partner up with other film festivals in the southeast region. ASIFA-South also has a closed directory of animators in Atlanta and nearby regions that we offer to vetted animation studios.



Over the years, ASIFA-SOUTH has provided free workshops catering to animation education for festival partners such as the Atlanta festival to schools, libraries, hospitals such as the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Georgia Tech,  Ronald Mcnair Academy, Milton library, Georgia State, Oakcliff Elementary School averaging once to twice a month. We have a range depending on audience and resources and our signature workshop includes storyboarding for teens and stop-motion for kids. Our education department offers volunteer opportunities to the art community in Atlanta while being handled by coordinators with a minimum degree in Animation or industry professional experience. 



We also have a high focus on business education for artists and animation including events engaging entertainment lawyers to highlight the importance of contracts, copyright, and art-business related knowledge. ASIFA-South also partners with other festivals, organizations, and schools in the Southeast to encourage the spreading of education and festival screening beyond the Atlanta region. We regularly engage with ASIFA International Trade of promoting our Southern Spotlight block with animation all made in the south. We also focus on masterclass such as Storyboarding for Live Action to help animators translate their current skill set into other fields. ASIFA-SOUTH also has a Creative Incubator program where we train student animators and those without or little real work experience on real client projects with a stipend and connect them to studios. Our incubator program is supervised by the ASIFA-SOUTH committee and industry professional reps from the studio and takes in real client feedback. Our program curriculum was created by an industry professional with an MFA in Animation and checked by a PHD candidate in FILM with an MFA in Animation and college level teaching experience at an accredited university. 



As animation is a field that is only limited by the imagination, we strive to encourage the inclusion of diversity in storytelling whether it be to support minority groups. We believe this starts with the core of the organization and so our committee members are from different backgrounds, race, gender orientation, and from a wide spectrum of disability.  We also consciously strive for diversity in our panelists, animation selection, and throughout all aspect of the organization. With a commitment to being inclusive, we have been brainstorming initiatives for an accessibility inclusion advisory group to take feedback from those facing accessibility challenges. We also strive to implement close caption technology in our workshops and is working on bigger implementation.