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We aim to put the spotlight on our artist and animators locally and globally. Our signature event ASIFA-South RYO Animation Festival has been running for 14 years. With local panels involving professional locally as well as a monthly online panel with professionals in the industry around the world from Canada to the West Coast to Asia, we seek to provide our members and local community with the latest update of know-how. We have also actively participated in the annual ASIFA International Animation Day where we exchange animations with our participating ASIFA partners from over 50 chapters all over the world including Australia, Portland, Austria, Thailand and more. We also aim to help animators be able to connect with animators from other chapters no matter where they might decide they want to move to next. Focused on putting the spotlight on artists and animations in Atlanta exposure, in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival, there is a big emphasis on public screening of films made by locals along with current plans to partner up with other film festivals in the southeast region. ASIFA-South also has a closed directory of animators in Atlanta and nearby regions that they offer to animation studios.



Starting 2015, ASIFA-South has also engaged in a number of children animation workshop under the Atlanta Film Festival New Mavericks Film Series as well as school visitations for animation screening and workshops.



Workshops that are coming in the year 2016 also have a high focus on business education for artists and animation including events engaging entertainment lawyers to highlight the importance of contract, copyright, and art-business related knowledge. ASIFA-South also aims to reach out to other festivals, organization, and schools in the Southeast to encourage the spreading of education and festival screening to beyond the Atlanta region.



As animation is a field that is only limited by the imagination, we strive to encourage the inclusion of diversity in storytelling whether it be to support minority groups.