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Animated Shorts to Watch this Halloween

We picked out some animated shorts we found entertaining, fitting, and downright horrifying to introduce with the spooky holiday around the corner. Here are six picks we recommend from some that can be enjoyed by all ages to some that are just so downright frightening, it gets your skin crawling.

1. Camp Heebie Jeebie by Dylan Chase

“During a stormy night in Camp Heebie Jeebie, the ghost stories shared by a group of Jeebie Scouts become all too real.”

Let’s start with an animation safe for all ages with Camp Heebie Jeebie. The story opens with the routine “ghost stories around the fireplace” scenario. The scouts share silly, scary stories that sound ridiculous until they come to life. This animated short contains a heartwarming yet unexpected conclusion.

2. The Popping by Shelby Pogue

“A popcorn character from the “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” advertisement accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next, a slasher horror film.”

This short is incredibly creative in its setup of taking two iconic ideas and mashing them together in an odd but fitting narrative. We advise parental advisory for this, but Halloween and Friday the 13th fans will find snippets they will enjoy here.

3. Midnight Story by Riff and Alternative Studio

A mom tells her kid a bedtime horror story about a small town that transforms after midnight. The problem is it may not be just a story.

From the minds of creatives at Riff animation and Alternative studio in Thailand, this short animation is haunting and downright frightening. Unless you can stomach the likes of horror films, you may want to sit this out because it is downright scary. With an accompanying behind the scenes video, you can check out the makings of this masterpiece.

4. Slug Girl (Junji Ito Collection no 066)

In the weird world of Junji Ito’s horror, this animated short is a telling of the slow transformation of the “slug people”.

Those into horror manga would be undoubtedly familiar with the mastery of Junji Ito’s horror comic that borderlines more on the absurd than jumpscare. This short is but a small snippet into the mindboggling and intricately woven universe of Junji Ito that captures the spiritual artistry of H.P. Lovecraft. Slug girl isn’t the scariest of animations in terms of style (his comics has a more unique and eerie style), but we get a glimpse into a very oddly exciting world. Not all scary stories have deaths in them, and sometimes living can be horrifying as well.

5. The Animator Trilogy by Trent Shy

A Claymation short horror of the creator versus his creation.

This claymation is one that contains a somewhat sadistic streak addressing the “Creator VS Creation” relationship between animators and what they make. As a stop-motion enthusiast, there is just something about the physicality bordering between fantasy and reality that makes this short so intriguing. Check out his youtube channel for more claymation horror.

6. Dracool by Makoto Koji

“Dracool is a character that has been lying about for years but he’s kindly agreed to come out of his coffin this Halloween. “

We are ending this list with something a little shorter and sweet—this 40-second mini animation about Dracool as he faces his nemesis: the garlic? Or is it…? A well-done animation will make you go “awwww” with such an endearing style and character flashback. You can catch more of Makoto’s whimsical work on their Facebook page Paper Rabbits.


So what did you think about our picks? Know an animated short you think we should showcase next Halloween? Let us know! Meanwhile, check out our upcoming ASIFAC 2020 Virtual Animation Festival and Conference this Dec 11-12th and stay tuned for more details coming this Oct 28th in celebration of International Animation Day!

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