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On June 8th, 2019, over 70+ Voice over artists and animators gathered at Georgia State University and the Neighborhood Studio for a collaboration battle. Using Reallusion’s latest software, Cartoon Animator 4, 13 teams were able to produce 30-45 seconds of animation in a time-crunching 4 hours with lipsync technology and their voice over skills.

Participants trickling in from the downpour and heavy traffic to the Georgia State University Creative Media Industries Institute- competition location A

Teams were given an on-the-spot prompt to choose 1 of the 4 given disaster scenarios (Tsunami Tidal Wave, Asteroid Fall, Volcanic Eruption, or Tornado Disaster) and create their own character, either a hero or a villain, and deliver a 30-45 second animated monologue of why they choose to destroy or how they are going to save the world.

Prompt for the Competition: Are you a Villain or a Hero? Voice provided by Matt Goodson

Regardless of the thunderstorm and pouring rain the whole day, the teams, many without prior animation experience were able to deliver animations with a slideshow presentation of their character’s backstories before a quick dinner break and then proceeded to the second portion of the competition presentation for the jurors at the Neighborhood Studio. Along with the presentation, some teams showed off their voice over prowess by delivering an on-location 1-2 liner performance of their created characters.

This portion of the competition was live-streamed by our partnering organization Art is King for the ASIFA-SOUTH Community to be able to enjoy in real-time. An impromptu group performance of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song arose near the end, which turned out to be an unexpected highlight.

Recorded Live Stream

ASIFA Live Animation Voice Over Battle Awards Show

ASIFA Live Animation Voice Over Battle Awards ShowAwards and announcements begin at 6:30pmThank you to Neighborhood Studio Atlanta for hosting this amazing ASIFA-South Community Voice Over LIVE Animation BattleLive Stream by Art Is King and @deltatangomike w Cinamaker#DocumentTheGame

Posted by Dan Flores on Saturday, June 8, 2019
Presentation at the Neighborhood Studio with jurors: Mark Simon, September Day, Bob Carter

The Jury Panel

Mark Simon

Owner of A&S Animation, Inc, largest storyboard supplier in the south, Emmy Award winning storyboard artist with credentials on the Walking Dead, Nickelodeon, Woody Woodpecker, Dynasty, Dexter, and more.

September Day Carter

Owner of Neighborhood Studio/ Voice Over Artist & Coach voicing for clients such as Pandora, MTV, Coke, Pizza Hut, Amazon, Levi’s, Comcast, and more.

Bob Carter

Owner of Neighborhood Studio/ Voice Over Artist & Coach with credits on Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Street Fighter, Halo, Mortal Kombat, and more.

At the end of the day and many tough calls, the jurors came to their decisions for teams that were going to win “Best Performance”, “Best Animation”, and “Jury’s Choice”.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Best Performance: Anivo! (Norman “Kozmo” Miller, Cameron Hinez, Zachary Tyler Roe)

Best Animation: Project Snack (Imani Christor, Malik Watson, Cory Di Mino)

Jury’s Choice: Team Dynamo (Bradley Williams, Jazz Walker, Benjamin Chen)

Winning Teams

We will be showcasing a selected number of these animations in the coming week on our facebook page. We will also be releasing a video recap with footage filmed by Most Uniquest, dynamic duo Matt Franklin and Pauline Lu in the next weeks to come.

We would like to thank our sponsors without whom it would be impossible to be able to hold such an event and our media partners Art Is King and Most Uniquest:

Last but not the least, thank you to our awesome team of volunteers that stuck with us through the day to help us make this event a success!

Some of our Asifa-South volunteers

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